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McDonald Takes Stand for Law Abiding Citizens

Earlier this week the House DFL introduced two gun grabbing bills that would deprive law abiding citizens from their Constitutional Rights.

In the end these bills would only do harm by stripping citizens from their Right to due process, Right to bear arms, and more. Further hurting law abiding citizens and doing nothing to keeping firearms out of criminals hands. Joe McDonald retains a 100% rating from the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus as a fierce advocate for your 2nd Amendment Rights.

In addition to Rep Joe McDonald's voice on these harmful laws, Joe recently penned a letter with other legislators from Wright County to the Wright County Commissioners to pass a resolution for Wright County to become a "Sanctuary County" to further defend against the recent house bills.

The legislation is likely to die in the Senate with the help of Senator Bruce Anderson, but this resolution will help make the case that St. Paul needs to consider the will of the everyday citizens from greater Minnesota.

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